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January 2018
To beg for the water bowl to be filled up!

Fraidy cat Finley. That was me. When Jenn and Marc came to my house to show my Mom how to test me (I have diabetes), I was so terrified that I hid under the couch and wouldn’t come out. Three times Jenn came, and each time I was just as scared. I was diagnosed in May 2018 with diabetes but my Mom had only changed my food to low carb, and I wasn’t getting insulin until Jenn came to teach my Mom. But my Mom was really scared so she only gave me a few shots. My Mom went away just before Thanksgiving 2018 and while away she had trouble with her heart. She couldn’t fly home to take care of me so Jenn met her daughter at my house and picked me up. My Mom came back, but had a lot of rehab to do so was staying with her daughter. Then her Mom passed away. There was a lot of things for my Mom to take care of and she just didn’t feel like she could give me the care I needed. I knew right away I was going to be okay with Jenn because within 2 days I already had a routine, I wasn’t scared of anything (except for Red, he’s a real jerk to me) and even had my own favorite spot to lay in. I am really good at getting my shots and Jenn has me totally regulated! I feel bad that my Mom didn’t feel that she could take care of me but it’s okay because I won the lotto being here at Doodle’s Ranch! I can win another lotto if you Sponsor Me!

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