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New York
November 2, 2015
November 2005
Diabetes(remission); CHF
Teach a class on the importance of social distancing

Hey everyone – My name is Cassius. I am not shy – I just don’t like people very much. I’m diabetic, so I have to be handled to get my blood tested and get my insulin. Other than that, I’m happy with a quick pet or on very rare occasions I might sit on Meowmy's lap. She takes good care of me, and I do love her, so I figure it’s a good way to say "Thank you". Other than that, I prefer to be left alone. I’m just not a cuddler like some of the other cats. That’s okay - I’m happy just the way I am. I moved here on Nov 2, 2015 when I was 10 years old. Like Mikey, getting sick was too much for my humans but just like Mikey Meowmy took me in and saved my life. I love her, but you can see why I’m not a big fan of humans anymore. It’s really hard to learn to trust again.

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