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November 1, 2019
September 2019
Spinal cord injury, Leg amputations
Win a Guinness World Record for most number of cat baths!

Oh my's FINALLY my turn to talk!  So excited!  Let's see...I'm Scoots.  Before I came to Doodle's, I was just a baby minding my own business with my Mom and siblings when some very scary dogs came to beat us up.  I don't know why they did that to us, but I know that I am really lucky to be alive because I was the only baby to survive, along with my Mom.  But, as you can see, I was hurt really badly and will never be able to walk.  A hooman wanted to adopt my Mom (but not me) and then I was all alone in this scary world.  But Meowmy Jenn found out about me and let me come live with her here at Doodle's! 

I'm really happy here because I'm safe and there are no scary dogs trying to beat me up.  I have my own "Scoots area" because I can get pretty messy when it comes to potty time.  That also means that I get a lot of one on one time with Meowmy Jenn because she has to clean my bum after I have an accident in my area.  Let's just say that some days, I need a lot of one on one time.  MOL!  

Even though my childhood was really scary and tragic, I'm a lovable boy.  I love to play with toys (see my video below!) and sometimes I still get the zoomies and drag myself throughout the room, having fun like all the other cats.  Meowmy Jenn says I'm special, but I'm really just a handsome boy and I try not to focus on what I can't do...only enjoy what I can do.  Do you want to Sponsor me and be my friend?

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