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New York
January 2014
October 2013
Rule the entire universe!

Hi everyone! I know I don't actually need an introduction, but I will humor the hoomans.

My name is Red and everybody loves me (kinda).  Meowmy Jenn was fostering me when we met in January 2014.  But after one visit to an adoption event (where I kinda freaked out because I already had a home and didn't want or need a new one) Jenn decided to keep me, even though medically there was nothing "wrong" with me.  She had already fallen in love with me (duh!) and being Doodle's best buddy, she knew I had to stay with them.  

For some reason, other cats don’t always like me or want to play with me. But Doodle took me under his wing, and we were closer than brothers. When he got sick, I was really upset. Then one day, Doodle told me he had to go and he couldn’t come back. He promised me we would always be brothers and we would meet again at a place called Rainbow Bridge, but he couldn’t take me with him. After he was gone, we were all really sad. That’s when I started acting out by peeing on everything. I was sad and angry and lonely and didn’t want anyone playing with Doodle’s stuff. I know I should be over it by now, but it’s become a habit. I know it drives Meowmy Jenn crazy and I feel bad about that, but it’s the only way I know to punish the other cats when they misbehave. After all, as Doodle’s BFF, it’s my job to make sure thing run smoothly around here!

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